Vision Quest


The Vision Quest is an ancient ceremony to mark and move on from one life transition to another.


The ancients knew that by crossing these thresholds in wild places, we face our fears, see our lives pass through and gather our medicine in order to move into the next phase of life.

Way of Council

Council is a practice of speaking and listening from the heart. We come together in a circle that creates a container for empathy and honesty.


The ancient form of Council is a spiritual practice that moves us to a deeper, more compassionate level of communicating and being.

North London, January 19th 2020

Bristol, February 9th 2020

Snowdonia, North Wales. April 26th - May 7th 2020

Snowdonia, North Wales. July 26th - August 6th 2020

Snowdonia, North Wales September 6th - 17th 2020

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