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Way of Council & Community

Bristol - February 9th - 11th 2024

Where and what is my role in community?


Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community

Anthony J. D’Angelo


 What is Council?

We sit in a circle, one speaks, the other listens ~

Imagine, you will be ‘heard’ and you experience undivided attention. You ‘listen’ deeply and wholly, compassion arises, you find your power, and you make yourself visible. This makes you shine.

Council is a practice that can nurture personal, professional and family lives. It offers a way of communicating that encourages attentive listening and heart-felt and compassionate speaking.

Circle practice recognizes that each voice needs to be heard, every person has a gift, each of us

has a story to share. As we make room for this circular wisdom unexpected insights arise, healing

and understanding can happen. Each persons voice contributes to the whole truth.

The core practice of Council sets a container for empathy and honesty. It provides a way of bearing witness and of peace making and helps cultivate non-hierarchical power. When in Council we step into a timeless space and spirit moves through us. We experience community and the deep connection to all life.

We will explore

  • History and cross cultural roots

  • Creating special time and place

  • Practicing the Intentions of Council

  • Sharing our personal stories along side those of the community to deepen the art of listening and speaking from the heart

  • Various forms of Council – spiral, fish bowl, dyad and more Developing the basic ingredients of holding

  • Council in your own community and field of work


We will learn

  • Council as a personal practice and a group/community process

  • A way and path to reconciliation, visioning, decision making and healing

  • To shift from hierarchical power structures to a mode in which initiative, responsibility and leadership are shared

  • To a reach consensus through heart centered awareness

  • How Council serves our community, ourselves and the world



What participants say about Council

"I spent a weekend with Pip on a ‘Way of Council’ workshop just recently.

13 of us – a very lucky number on this occasion - were lucky enough to experience a truly special, and important, weekend. We spent time with a woman of extraordinary skill, who uses her knowledge, her learning and her lived  experienced with generosity, integrity, skill and humour. I found her completely trustworthy, something that is essential for me if I am to learn in an open and receptive way, and what I was hoping for.  

We were a hugely diverse group, in age, background, inclinations and preferences and while I can only speak for myself, it was clear from everyone present that each one of us took away our own rich treasures of companionship, connection, learning, practical information, and yes, transformative experience.

The vision Pip communicates of just how we can be the change, the change that enables speaking and listening from our hearts, acceptance, goodwill and courage is always inspiring, and never more necessary than it is at the moment.

Get yourself there. I so recommend it.- " Harriet Spicer - September 2017


 Read more about Council


Cost - £250, including £80 non refundable deposit)  


Start - Friday, February 9th at 6.30pm, Finish Sunday, 11th by 5.00pm


Details for booking a place contact - Pippa (0) 7814959613 

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