Vision Quest Rites of Passage in UK

Vision Quest

Rites of Passage Initiation into Life Transitions:
An eleven-day Ceremony in the mountains of North Wales

What is a Vision Quest

The Vision Quest is an ancient ceremony to mark and move on from one life transition to another. The ancients knew that by crossing these thresholds in wild places we face our fears, see our life pass through and gather our medicine in order to move into the next phase of life.


“Nature mirrors all that we are; it shows us the many faces of dark and light”


Our indigenous tribal ancestors also knew that their roots were connected in the Earth. They knew that the sun and the stars, the wind, stones, trees and every creature, season and cycle of nature is integrally connected to our very essence of being. The primal seeds are held in the cells of our bodies, in the birth of our images and the fire of our emotions.