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Deepening with Council Ways

Through the Body

Eryri National Park, North Wales - April 26th - 29th 2024

My belief is in the flesh and blood as being wiser than the intellect. The body – consciousness is where life bubbles up in us. Its how we know that we are alive, alive to the depths of our souls and touch somewhere with the vivid reaches of the cosmos

D H Lawrence


This simple ceremony is an opportunity to absorb ourselves in a way of being that opens us to the deepest listening. We invite our awareness beyond what we think we know, what we like or dislike. This allows us to connect body/heart/mind/soul and release deep rooted habitual tensions. It’s about stopping, waiting and allowing without an agenda, without an intention; letting ourselves become empty. We can then receive through our body and our very being. This opens a connection; our bodies and the Earth being one flow, one unified field of consciousness with clouds, leaves, sun, moon, rocks and rivers as support. You are invited to wait, listen, open and be receptive.


A map is opened through the human body that shows a way into the inner and outer landscapes of nature and the Universe. We can intuitively respond as a new place/space appears and move towards wholeness within ourselves. Awareness shifts, senses heighten and we can experience a mind/body unity that leads to a greater awareness and understanding. We can respond to our lives from the deepest place in our being with an energy that is full, open and alive.


During our time together we will experience the gentle non doing hands on work born out of the Alexander Technique. We will have time alone in nature and share our experiences. As our time together comes to a close we will create a ceremony to acknowledge and give thanks for this deep listening and for our lives.


"Moment by moment, things are losing their hardness: now even my body lets the light through"

Virginia Woolf


Our time together will include:


Hidden deep, ever present

  • An opportunity to gently enter our stories and look at what is hidden and yet always here; becoming aware through our senses and understanding that mind, body and nature are not separate.

  • Listening to our feelings and knowing the depth of contraction held in the habits of conditioned reactions. With patience and courage we may enter the expansion of self and the unknown.

  • Being present, intimate and welcoming of what arises.


Unborn and ever living

  • Exploring moving with spacious awareness, noticing self, each other, and nature without holding fixed mind/body habits.

  • Understanding of structure and form and how we can listen through the body without projections and preconceived ideas.

  • Seeing our body as silence and still openness and learn to trust in the truth inside our own body/ heart/mind/spirit.

  • Becoming a non doing vessel and recognise the non dual essence of our being – the sacred in our body.


At the end of the day

There is wisdom in each of us and as we become truly ourselves this allows us to live our lives with grace. With the old ways of Council and story and with enquiry through the body and sense perception we awaken an awareness and clarity that is our essential essence. Our deepest being resonates and knows this harmony and deep peace, a welcoming love, a sense of ease and a joyous sense of well being. We may know our bodies as an effortless, timeless flow of energy. We can respond to life and what we innately are.


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Start - Friday April, 26th at mid-day,

 Finish, Monday 29th by mid-afternoon


Cost - £295, (including £100, non refundable deposit)


Contact: - 


Tel - + 44 (0) 7814959613


Practical Information - The venue is a permaculture farmhouse, nestled amongst open fields, established woodland, and new-planted saplings. Very accessible by road or rail, and yet feels fairly quiet and spacious. This will be residential, bringing food to cook and live as a small community.

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