Introduction Day to The Way of Council

London - postponed to 2019

Through the practice of Council, we learn the balance and wisdom of the circle


Council is an ancient form and a modern practice that invokes the experience of community, where we listen to everything – people, place, and spirit. The roots of Council are within the natural world, spanning all cultures and beliefs.


At the core of Council is a practice of speaking and listening from the heart.  Council is a form that can go beyond tools and techniques and has the potential to create a way and path towards decision-making and finding solutions. Council reaches goals and visions that include every person in the circle touching the depths of our passions and life stories. It provides a way of bearing witness and of peace making and helps cultivate non-hierarchical power. From this place of inclusiveness and acceptance, diversity and difference, we find an inner knowing and answers arrive. We experience deep wisdom and the connection to all life.

We will explore

  • History and cross-cultural roots

  • Council as a life way and practice in body/soul/mind & spirit

  • Creating special time and place (opening & closing the circle)

  • Practicing the Five intentions of Council

  • Opening to some of the various forms of Council – spiral, fish bowl, dyad, web, popcorn, sound and movement.


This event is hosted by St Ethelburga's Centre click to enquire and find out more about the wonderful work they are doing.


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Start – TBA at 9am, finish - 5.30pm


Cost - £70:00

To enquire or enrol please contact:

Jo Winsloe Slateron