An Introduction to The Way of Council
A Virtual Council Workshop - February 13th 2022

Through the practice of Council, we learn the balance and wisdom of the circle


About Council

Council is an ancient form and a modern practice that invokes the experience of community, where we listen to everything – people, place, and spirit. The roots of Council are within the natural world, spanning all cultures and beliefs.


This one-day workshop is an opportunity to be seen and heard in the form of the Way of Council. This beautiful practice creates a space where we can connect to ourselves and our community through listening deeply and speaking authentically from the heart. 


No prior Council experience is necessary. I will guide and facilitate and provide basic instructions to open this practice of Council. Apart from the interconnection and community that Council can create, you are invited to learn a few basic tools so you can hold your own circles with your friends, loved ones, work colleagues and community. 


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Start – 9.30am, finish - 6pm. (In three two hour sessions)


Cost - £65, (A couple of Scholarship places at £50,) 

To enquire or enrol please contact: