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Council Ways Within Our Body

Introduces the practice of stillness and listening through the body in the Council setting.

All of us have an innate knowledge, understanding and connection to the Earth, natural cycles, animals, and ourselves


Love the world as your own self; then you can truly care for all things

Tao Te Ching” –  Gia-Fu Feng


Council Ways through the Body unites the principles of the Alexander Technique – a form of gentle and non invasive hands on work, with the Way of Council. Sitting in Council offers a way of communicating that encourages both attentive listening and honest and compassionate expression.

This ceremony is for those whose life is focused on healing, who have been touched and informed by pain and suffering – both personally and through their work in the healing/care giving professions. We will be creating a bridge between the wisdom of our modern healing methods and the cross cultural wisdom of the ancient indigenous peoples – learning the practice of stillness and listening through our body, embracing the intelligence and truth held within. From this deepening awareness – the practice of mindfulness – we will open more to the importance of the relationship between our bodies and the body of the Earth.


“Each participant will experience personal hands on work”

This is an opportunity to remember a depth of listening within the body that embraces the experience of the body/self as an interconnected unity. We will explore the individual and evolving path of each participant. In a natural and organic way you will have the opportunity to release long held and often unconscious tension – allowing for a deeper openness, connection and compassion for yourself. Using ceremonial circle, the deep listening of Council, with story and nature as our teacher, we seek to remember ‘who we are’, what is our healing and what is our part to play in the healing of our world.


“Muscle, bone, mind, emotion as one flow, one flow with nature, the universe, one mind moment and one thought seems like a sort of universal energy. Complete connection to the wholeness we already are.”

There’s a world behind the world we see that is the same world but more open, more transparent, without blocks. Like inside a big mind, the animals and humans all can talk, and those who pass through here get power to heal and help. They learn how to behave, and how not to give offence. To touch this world no matter how briefly is a help in life

Gary Snyder (The Practice of the Wild)

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