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Practice of Council in Nature

Eryri National Park, North Wales.

October 18th -24th 2024

Speaking and Listening from the Heart and the Heart of the Earth


Council is an ancient form and a modern practice rooted in nature and the land. Sitting in Council offers a way of communicating that encourages both attentive listening and honest compassionate expression.


This practice recognizes that we all share a piece of the truth, that we all have a voice that needs to be heard and a gift to give in the telling of the story of our own life. This practice helps to build community and trust by listening to the whole circle – the people, the place, the land, the elements, and the animals - the spirit in all life.

By embracing differences and divisions we find unity in diversity. We find new insights and fresh understandings. We elicit and learn about our own healing and our part in the healing of our world.


Council practice in depth

This retreat will give you the chance to explore the grace and treasures found in the gift of speaking and listening from the heart in our own relationships. The path to healing and wholeness becomes real with self acceptance and a willingness to embrace what feels unacceptable; to name and be present with whatever is repressed and or rejected. We can then move forward and have the potential to heal old wounds, deepen our love and understanding by facing the shadow. This week we are going to do just that with nature and the nature of each other as our teacher, guide and mirror.


 Wild Nature and our Nature in Council

  • We will work with the powers of the Four Directions showing us a map and guide to the seasons and patterns of our lives.

  • We will learn how to listen like a mirror; listening to the whole person mind/body/soul/spirit and our emerging story. We will become attentive to how the natural world and our own nature reflects our wholeness.

  • We deepen our ability to speak in the circle succinctly and yet at the same time, share our stories with genuine expression including the details from our life; thus developing authentic expression of our own existence.


We will be

  • Remembering what has been lost and the ancient wisdom that is innately in our bones and that we are connected to something larger than our small selves.

  • Embracing the uncertainty and insecurity in the fast developing world which is reflected in our life, so even when things seem chaotic and out of control we have inspiration, courage and wisdom to take action.

  • Risking everything in order to claim who we truly are and the life we are truly here to live.

  • Contemplate the Way of Council as a practice and a way of life.

 Where – Our venue is a beautifully converted barn, which nestles in the Nanmor valley, Gwynedd, surrounded by ancient woodland, with views of Moel Ddu. It’s a safe and restful retreat base to be immersed in nature while preparing for your twelve hour solo time. Walking out from the door leads you to an old drovers track, or higher up through bilberry scrub to Cnicht, the Welsh Matterhorn, or along lanes and paths to secluded swimming spots in rivers and lakes.


Living simply with the beauty and peace of this magical landscape, we will open to our own rhythm and nature as our Council emerges and comes alive. Living together as a small community we will provide and cook our own food.

What participants say about Council in Nature

"Out of your utter commitment to the human heart streams great healing and I am so very happy and grateful to have been able to bathe in this these last days. You guided us to our own hearts so beautifully and it was miraculous to witness the power of this transformative activity of listening and speaking, speaking and listening and feel it in me as a huge peace, an oasis of peace in the turmoil. And the witnessing of others pains and joys makes clearer the eyes to witness ones own pains and joys without the usual urge to fix - to solve or to avoid."

Heartfelt gratitude, Charlotte


Read more about Council 

To enquire and book a place:  

Tel -  44 (0) 7814959613 

Start: Friday 18th October at 6pm, finish Thursday 24th October

by late afternoon - 


Cost: £650, (including £150, non refundable deposit)

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