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Way of Council & Community

Norwich May3rd - 5th 2024

The Way of Council & Community

An Introduction to the Practice of Council


What is The Way of Council?

In modern times the core practice of Council sets a container for empathy and honesty. It provides a way of bearing witness and of peace making that accepts diversity, both in each other and ourselves, and helps cultivate non-hierarchical power.


The Way of Council builds trust, is inclusive, non-judgmental and accepting. It can be a support and aid for groups and communities.

Participants learn the art of listening with full attention and expressing themselves through personal experience and heartfelt truth. In offering their stories, Council enables people to open to each other as equal human beings in a place of safety. It creates community in a way that has become rare in our modern Western culture.

We will explore

  • History and roots

  • Importance of creating special time and place

  • The intentions of Council

  • The way of Story – (how we speak and listen)

  • Process of building trust by cultivating the values of listening, empathy, and honesty in a non-hierarchical mode

  • Safe container for dealing with challenging issues

  • Participation and belonging to a larger interpersonal consciousness  


We will set the structure and form of Council with our personal stories and create a container where we can express our intentions and any burning issues; anything that is ‘up’ in your life and or anything that challenges you. This is how we experience the Way of Council directly and receive and learn the full meaningful understanding that goes beyond tools and techniques.


Shape of the weekend

Way of Council is a focused practice and only effective if everyone commits and attends for the whole time. We will begin at 6.30pm on Friday 3rd and finish by 8.30pm. Please arrive by 6pm to allow time to settle in and start the circle promptly. Saturday and Sunday, we will start at 9.30am and finish by 5pm. Further detail about the venue will be sent on receiving your commitment with a deposit.


The fee is £250.00 - including a non-refundable deposit of £80.00

To enrol please contact-


Personal statement

We are asking each participant to write a short personal paragraph, or two saying something of your past and who you are, and what calls them to participate in this weekend.

Please send this to Pippa


Following this weekend there will be an opportunity to join a regular Way of Council group in Norwich.

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