Solo Ceremonial time in Nature

Snowdonia, North Wales ~ contact me to set a date


This is an opportunity to experience and recognise yourself as the interconnected, non separate being you are - not separate from nature - in a mini Vision Quest, either alone or with a friend or two. 

You would base yourself in either a local B&B or a camp site, then come to my place where we will sit in a Dyad Council together exploring: who you are, what is challenging right now, what needs to be acknowledged and marked, along with your intention. You would then find your spot on the land. On either the same evening or following morning you will be blessed through a Threshold circle, after which you will go to your chosen spot on the land where you will spend your solo time.


You can take as much time as you wish, from twelve hours to two days (this will be clearly defined before you leave.) You will be in the beautiful wild landscape of Snowdonia, with views of the sea and mountains.  ‘Solo time’ means being without food, human company, or shelter during your time out on the land.



You will be blessed back in, and after rest and food you will return to my place where we will sit in Dyad Council again. I Listen deeply and mirror back the treasures and gifts given in your story. The intention is to be seen and heard, to empower, and to honour your journey forward with connection to your own medicine. 



Cost, £250, including non-refundable deposit of £75, fee depends on how long you are out on the land.

For more details and to set a date contact;

Tel: 07814 959613

“My Solo/Threshold time in nature with Pippa – as she guided me in my preparation and return, I felt joy, trust and safety; her energy and care is obvious from her own, deep connection with herself and the land. She guided me in shaping my intention in a way that served me and I felt the quality of holding while I was out in the wild. Here is someone who really walks her talk, is ordinary, humble, wearing her gifts lightly and yet there they are, shining, for those who can see. Like a sculptor with gentle nudges and prompts; a true teacher, she helps me to uncover my own gifts. Thank you Pip! “

Sara, Devon