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Online Council Work One to one sessions

Medicine Walk


A Medicine Walk offers the opportunity to experience and recognize ourselves as the interconnected non separate being that we are, that we are not separate from Nature.


What is a Medicine Nature Walk –


Cross a threshold – In other words mark a gateway into sacred time and space and return through the same gateway. Having made this crossing, open yourself up to becoming the observer in the natural world, including your feelings, memories, and what is happing in the environment. This can be for a full day, or just a few hours.  Then write up the whole story of this walk into your journal. Include inner states, feelings, dreams and memories that arise with outer observations and experiences in nature.


With an intention that comes directly from the truth of your life now; you take this into your Medicine Nature Walk and evoke a story. 


In the telling of this story something comes alive that helps bring meaning and balance and can give perspective to what seems impossible, revealing our innate connection to the land, the elements, the cycles of nature and how our true selves are reflected in everything.


Way of Council –


Council in its original form is an Earth-based intelligence that was a natural means of understanding and guidance for any primitive culture from many parts of the world. Now it’s an ancient form and a modern practice. Council offers a way of communicating that encourages both attentive listening and honest compassionate expression.


How do we embrace the form?


We need two or more people in a circle, a ‘talking piece’ to focus attention and a few chosen intentions. As the Council carrier I will introduce the guidelines of Council: to speak from the heart; to listen from the heart without judgment; to speak spontaneously and succinctly; to honour confidentiality and to speak what serves: Using your talking piece heightens awareness of space and time and helps focus and empower you, allowing you to speak without interruption and to be heard with full attention. 


In our one-to one session, we will sit together in a form of Council on-line, I will listen and support you in forming your intention, and guide you to the path of your Medicine Nature Walk. Then in your own time you take your space and time in nature, in another appointment you share your story and I offer you a mirroring. Each zoom session is an hour long.


Cost: £60, per hour


For more information and details contact Pippa –


"It may be when we no longer know what to do,
    We have come to our real work,
          And that when we no longer know

     which way to go,
   We have begun our real journey"

Wendell Berry

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