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Dreams do not tell us what to do but, reveal what is un-lived in us. There is a larger universal intelligence that is often unconscious, this intelligence does not use logic or clear linear language. The soul is the dream maker not our logical mind, Jung said, the soul is the connecting link between our consciousness and our unconscious. The soul is made up of images, symbols and myth and metaphors. By engaging with these symbol and images and letting them come alive in us, we live our lives more fully and completely.


Our everyday mind and life is made of opposites and diversity. A dream often points this out and shows us where we are stuck or lost. A dream throws up an image or a situation that represents this diversity inside us, and when we allow these images and symbols to have their life, and stay present with the polarities within ourselves, a healing third can take place, like the universe cracking open and bringing forth an understanding and balance.


In our one-to one session, we will sit together in Council on-line, I will listen, support and guide

your journey into your Dream world. In our online workshops, we gather as a small Council and explore the path of the dream world.

How do we embrace the Council form?


We need two or more people in a circle, a ‘talking piece’ to focus attention and a few chosen intentions. As the Council carrier I will introduce the guidelines of Council: to speak from the heart; to listen from the heart without judgment; to speak spontaneously and succinctly; to honour confidentiality and to speak what serves: Using a talking piece heightens awareness of space and time and helps focus and empower you, allowing you to speak without interruption and to be heard with full attention. 


We will work with this Dream world by:


Learning the skills for accessing and processing your dreams.

Using journal writing, art, poetry, storytelling and drama to guide and deepen your understanding of your dream world.

Deepening this practice through creating ceremony with the dream being the guide.

Making pathways to the language of your dreams and how they are trying to teach and help. Guiding you to a deeper knowing and your true destiny.


Cost: £60, per hour / Workshop: £65, for the day


For more information and details; contact Pippa –

Dream Work Training and experience

I studied and trained in Switzerland with Marion Woodman, Jungian dream analyst, in 2002.

Then, studied and trained as a Transformative dream work professional practitioner with Maggie Peters, UK 2003. Since then I have been offering Way of Council and Dream Ceremonies.

"You must give birth to your images.

They are the future waiting to be born….

Fear not the strangeness you feel.

The future must enter you long before it happens…. Just wait for the birth

for the hour of clarity" -


Rainer Maria Rilke