Practice of Council in Nature

        Bavaria,  Germany ~ May16th - 22nd, 2020 



Please contact us if you are interested, we are still gathering a group and will postpone to a mutual date when sanctions are lifted. 


"The water of the valley stream

Never shouts at the tainted world

'Purify yourself!'

But naturally, as it is

Shows how it is done”– Ryokan

The practice of Council can allow us to listen deeply to all that is alive in the Earth and our innate being. We can reconnect with these ancient ways and remember the inherent knowledge we have within ourselves.


The roots of Council grow out of nature, the universal intelligence that knows the way a river flows, how the birds migrate, how the cycles of the seasons create birth, growth and death; the natural rhythm of life evolving. Council is the same when we open ourselves with stories of vulnerable truth out of the depth of our life experience. Something happens that cannot be defined or justified, explained or put in a box.

A space appears that allows a 'listening' and a ‘knowing' that stretches us beyond the ego's everyday habits and patterns. It's perfect: consciousness shifts, something opens and widens, we deepen and expand; ground moves like the flow of nature, we start to think as a circle, know the interconnectedness of all things, everything. Understandings and inner answers arrive, not because we have been told, fixed, or governed, but because something larger than ourselves - the Great Mystery - has become visible. It’s a healing.

Council practice in depth

This retreat will give you the chance to explore the grace and treasures found in the gift of speaking and listening from the heart – The path to healing and wholeness becomes available with self-acceptance and a willingness to embrace what feels unacceptable; to name and be present with whatever is repressed and or rejected. We have the potential to heal wounds and deepen our love and understanding. This week we are going to do just that with wild nature and the nature of each other as our teacher, guide and mirror.



We will open to:

o   The guidelines and intentions of Council.

  • The use of story from our own life; to embrace the art of attentive listening and speaking from the heart.

  • Various forms and uses of Council.

  • We will open the powers of the Four Directions showing us a map and guide to the seasons and patterns of our lives.

o   Experience Council as a way of life and practice in body/soul/mind & spirit. 


As we share and learn: 


  • We discover that behind right and wrong, fixed ideas and past beliefs is a place of relative freedom: a state of being that is a creative lively energy, that can wake us up. 

  • We can have the choice and space to take responsibility for our own actions and words and be inspired to be a part of the healing world.


"There is a field beyond right and wrong, I’ll meet you there" –   Rumi


To participate you need to be on a path of enquiry and inner personal work. Some experience of Council and or circle ways is welcome. 

Venue: Our home for this period is a small 500 year old farm, full of its own stories. It's positioned in a beautiful valley in green hills that mark the threshold of the Bavarian forest. Close to us is a small river with big rocks all over the stream bed, many of them are embraced by the old and powerful roots of the surrounding trees. The leaves of beech and spruce trees, and moss that coats the forest floor create a weave so dense the colour green becomes intoxicating in the sunshine.  This beautiful landscape offers us peace, ancient wisdom and a place to discover our own stories reflected back from Nature. 

Living simply with the beauty and peace of this magical landscape, we will open to our own rhythm and nature as our Council emerges and comes alive.

Start: Saturday TBA at 6pm, finish Friday TBA by 5pm

Cost Sliding scale between €500 to €700, including deposit of €175


Accommodation € 150 (group sleeping room) / €180 (double room)/€210 (single room)/ € 90 (tent or caravan) Food € 180 


Further details & information:

To Book & sign up: Tina Kansy: