Vision Quest

Rites of Passage Initiation into Life Transitions:
An eleven-day Ceremony in the mountains of North Wales

The Vision Quest is an ancient ceremony to mark and move on from one life transition to another. The ancients knew that by crossing these thresholds in wild places, we face our fears, see our life pass through and gather our medicine, in order to move into the next phase of life.

triquetra-vesicaOur indigenous tribal ancestors also knew that their roots were connected in the Earth. They knew that the sun and the stars, the wind, stones, trees – every creature, season and cycle of nature is integrally connected to our very essence of being. The primal seeds are held in the cells of our bodies, in the birth of our images and the fire of our emotions.

We all have a story! The story of our life is held in our bones and blood – our childhood and history, the patterns we create, and relationships we make from birth to death, the first and final initiations.

Our soul and spirit is not somewhere else, but right here and now, waiting to grow and expand – each breath an initiation, an expansion into life and death.

“Nature – embraces and beats us, blows right through us until the dawn of our being stands true, naked and free…free to just be!”


The next stage of our life!

In our modern times many of these old traditions and rites have been forgotten or lost. We live in challenging times, sometimes turbulent, sometimes with periods of confusion, alienation and without focus, struggling to identify what is important and what has true meaning. Often feeling separated and alone.

…. For those who are aspiring to know themselves – allowing you to rediscovering the natural world as guild and teacher full of meaning and life spirit; once again recognising that the inner and outer cycles of self, nature and seasons, are but and the same.

We are not separate. The world is an eternal mirror, our true nature is to know and own your inner truths and values beyond what keeps you confined and small. To ask the questions “Who am I?” and “What do I have to offer the world?

“The challenge and commitment of this eleven-day ceremony offers an opportunity to mark, celebrate, expand and move forward into life”

The Vision Quest will be held in the mountains of North Wales, U.K and will consist of four days preparation, four days alone with no food and three days of incorporation.


Before participating in the Vision Quest, we ask you to write a short account of yourself and your life, including the issues you carry right now, your intention and a description of what it is that you want to mark. You will be supported and guided to refine and clarify your intent in the first few days of our time together.

You will be sent a handbook (The Trail to the Sacred Mountain) to help and guide you, and details of equipment and provisions needed for your safety.

At least one month before the date of your fast, you need to take a medicine walk (from dawn to dusk, with no food, shelter, or human company) and to send/email an account of your walk.

Severance – starts with your first intent and commitment to make this crossing – the time of physical, emotional and spiritual preparation – a time of separating from your family, friends, community and the past physically and psychologically.

“The symbolic cutting of the umbilical cord”

Threshold – stepping across the threshold of your former life and its limits into the sacred world. Taking your place and being tested in wild nature. In your alone time you will create your own ceremony – your own rites from the tools and the teachings of your own life. Nature will be your teacher with the voice of the stars and sky, the rocks and rivers. Your vision is in the surrender to the emptiness, to the memories in your soul, and the landscapes within. You may face deep truths, extreme weakness and strength that you never knew you had; in order to stand in your naked truth and surrender into your uniqueness.

“Nature’s great soul holds the mirror for you to recognise yourself in your own life”

Return – ‘taking on the body’. Still in sacred time and according to ancient tradition you are united with those you left. Stories of your scared time in the wilderness are shared and witnessed. With deep listening and mirroring you will be supported to help understand the vision and possibilities of the new life you have just stepped into. You are loved and blessed just as you are. We celebrate together and then return to your home and community with fresh knowledge and understanding.

“In my solitude
I have seen things very clearly 
that were not true”
– Antonio Machado, translated by Robert Bly


“Pippa Bondy led us through the whole experience with love and care and a deep understanding of the uniqueness of each of us. We had a feeling of being guided with compassion and much knowledge. So even when remaining alone, separate and with no food in the mountain we never felt abandoned. When we were to tell our individual stories after coming down from the mountain her way of helping us interpret every pain and shortcoming and transforming them into challenges met and overcome touched us all deeply. We recommend her Vision Fast Quest to those we love most” – Ole and Helle. Denmark

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LondonDecember 17th 2017